Get connected with intelligent public works.

Esri links public works divisions and personnel together with a familiar mapping interface, coordinating the work of the city. The Esri platform gives you a powerful asset monitoring system. Plan and prioritize operations and maintenance before problems arise. Whether you’re routing fleets, viewing water infrastructure, or creating budget reports, Esri helps you run your public works department with more efficiency and transparency.

"Esri allows us to publish transparently to the public so that they can see what our department is doing."

Oscar Gonzalez, Database Analyst for the City of El Paso Department of Transportation

Federal Contracts.

Contracts under GSA Schedule Contract Number: GS-35F-5086H

Contract Period: 3/11/08—03/10/18

Bonneville Power Administration ELA [GSA]
Contract #63742
Period of Performance 1/1/14—12/31/14 with 4 Option Years
Contact: Teri Alvarez at

Census ELA [GSA]
Contract #YA132314NC0031
Period of Performance 1/1/14—12/31/18
Contact: Teri Alvarez at

Federal Aviation Administration & Department of Transportation ELA [GSA]
Contract # DTFACT14A-00004
Period of Performance 9/9/14—9/8/15
Contact: Jim Whitter at

Intelligence Agency ELA Contracts
Contact: Jason Brouillette at

National Aeronautics and Space Administration ELA [GSA]
Contract #NNX10AA47D
Period of Performance 9/22/10—9/30/13 with 2 Option Years
Contact: Teri Alvarez at

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ELA [GSA]
Contract #2013ELA4995
Period of Performance 9/23/13—4/30/14 with 4 Option Years
Contact: Teri Alvarez at

The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board ELA [GSA]
Esri Contract #2013ELA7057
Period of Performance 9/30/13—9/29/15
Contact: Jim Whitter at

U.S. Air Force A7 Civil Engineer ELA [GSA]
Contract #W9132V-07-D-0005
Period of Performance 7/31/12—6/30/15
Contact: Jim Whitter at

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers ELA [GSA]
Contract #FA8771-12-F-8110
Period of Performance 5/25/10—11/30/15 with 1 additional option year
Contact: Jeri McGuire at

U.S. Department of Agriculture ELA [GSA]
Contract #AG-3144-S-09-0007
Period of Performance 10/1/14—9/30/16
Contact: Jody Ferrao at

U.S. Department of Energy, Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant ELA [GSA]
Esri Contract #2011ELA3727
Period of Performance 3/1/12—4/30/17
Contact: Teri Alvarez at

U.S Environmental Protection Agency ELA [GSA]
Esri Contract #2013ELA7511
Period of Performance 10/1/13—9/30/18
Contact: Teri Alvarez at

U.S. Department of Interior ELA [GSA]
Contract #D13PA00031
Period of Performance 2/1/14—1/31/19
Contact: Jody Ferrao at

Veteran Health Administration,Health Policy and Services ELA [GSA]
Contract #2014ELA5205
Period of Performance 8/1/14—7/31/15
Contact: Teri Alvarez at

Procurement & Purchasing

GSA Schedule

Contract Number: GS-35F-253CA
Contract Period: 3/19/15–3/18/20.

Contract Number: GS-35F-5086H
Contract Period: 3/11/08–3/10/18.

Esri offers a scalable family of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) GIS software, training, services and technical support through the Esri Federal GSA Schedule. To view Esri offerings and prices available on the GSA schedule please register for access or log-in to view For Licensing Questions click here.

Enterprise License Agreements (ELA)

The ELA extends unlimited amounts of ArcGIS software to government departments, agencies, or entire organizations so they can achieve an enterprise-wide GIS.

To see if your government agency has an ELA click here.

GSA SmartBUY Enterprise Agreement

Addendum Number: 2003-4204
Contract Period: 2/13/04–3/10/13—Extended through 3/10/2018
If your U.S Government agency has signed a SmartBUY enterprise license agreement (ELA) with Esri, the SmartBUY addendum allows the deployment of an unlimited quantity of certain Esri software. This addendum also grants the right to order subscriptions and additional Software and Data products on an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) basis.If your agency does not have an ELA with Esri, you may still be able to purchase through the GSA SmartBUY program at a discount rate.

The U.S. Government SmartBUY Enterprise Agreement is open to all approved U.S. Federal Agencies and is recognized by the Department of Defense, Enterprise Software Initiative (DOD ESI).

Would you like to request an Esri GSA SmartBUY quote? If so, contact our Telebusiness Department for further details. For Questions or Quotes call 1-800-447-9778.

Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA)

A BPA is a purchasing vehicle created for specific agencies, enabling them to purchase significant quantities usually at reduced pricing. No funds are obligated by the agency.

To see if your government agency has a BPA click here.

Contractors Use of GSA Federal Supply Schedules

Contractors placing any orders under the Federal Supply Schedule must comply with the terms of the applicable Schedule and letter of authorization.
Would you like more information or to see a sample letter of authorization? Click here



Model Predictions: GIS Helps Public Works Manage Assets

An increasing number of local governments have recognized the advantage of including GIS technology in their predictive modeling processes. Esri’s David Totman explains how geospatial intelligence eases asset management.
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Mobilizing GIS to Boost Climate Resilience

From droughts and tsunamis to heat waves and earthquakes, extreme weather and geologic events caused by climate change jeopardize the world’s infrastructure and resources. Will your health be next?
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Snowplow Management Made Easier

The harsh Michigan winters are easier to endure with a sensible snowplow management system. GIS allows Saginaw, Michigan’s public works department to serve critical road-clearing information to the public in real time. Read more

City of Las Vegas Implements ParkPAD for Mobile Asset Management

Las Vegas, Nevada, improved its park asset management with geospatial technology. Geospatial intelligence strengthened the city's capability to collect and manage park assets, saving them time and money. Read more


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