Go from reactive to proactive.

Don’t just react to pest emergencies; proactively prevent them with geospatial intelligence. Esri provides the vector management you need to understand and mitigate pest behavior. Take advantage of accurate, up-to-date vector maps that show patterns you might otherwise miss using tabular data. Optimally plan what types of pesticides you need to eliminate infestations.



Target pest strongholds with precision and timeliness by using vector maps populated with real-time data.


Collect field information on common and familiar mobile devices that automatically syncs to your maps.


Intelligently plan remediation to alleviate community concern, reduce wasteful spraying, increase safety, and cut costs.


ArcGIS for Desktop

ArcGIS for Desktop is Esri’s premier ArcGIS environment for evaluating and analyzing the public health needs of cities. It facilitates intelligent mapping and collaboration across the organization by linking public works divisions with vector data.

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ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online is the Esri platform’s cloud-based management system for all your public health hazard information. With it, easily access interactive maps, apps, and preconfigured resources to deliver serve and analyze information about pests and control programs that affect your city.

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Collector for ArcGIS

Available through ArcGIS Online, Collector for ArcGIS is a data collection app that you can configure to suit any field worker needs. It’s simple to customize and runs on iOS and Android.

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