Higher Education

Central Washington University

Department of Geography and Land Studies
Dr. Robert Hickey, Associate Professor and Director, GIS Certificate program
400 East 8th Avenue
Ellensburg, WA 98926
E-mail: rhickey@cwu.edu
Programs: BA Geography, MS Resource Management, and a GIS Certificate

Description of Programs
We offer a BA in Geography with a specialization in GIS, a MS in Resource Management in which one can specialize in GIS, and a 26 quarter hour GIS Certificate.

Information about the BA/MS degrees can be found at http://www.cwu.edu/~geograph/; the GIS Certificate at http://www.cwu.edu/~gis/.

The following listings are for the GIS (and related) classes that are either core or electives in the 26 quarter credit GIS Certificate program:

Core Course Listing: UNITS
(quarter credits)
GEOG 303/403. Introductory GIS 5
GEOG 404. Intermediate GIS 4
GEOG 410. Airphoto Interpretation 4
GEOG 430. Remote Sensing 5

Electives List:  
Geog 409. Quantitative Methods 4
Geog 413. Computer Cartography 4
Geog 417. Advanced GIS 4
Geog 485. Topics in GIS/Remote Sensing 5
Geog 496. Independent study (GIS topics) up to 4
Geog 490. Cooperative Education (GIS topics) up to 4
Geog 493. Geography Field Experience (GIS topics) up to 4
CS 301. Data Structures 4
Other classes at the Program Director's approval

Description of Courses:

For catalog descriptions of these classes and more information about the GIS Certificate program, see http://www.cwu.edu/~gis/.

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