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GIS Certificate/AS Degree (proposed)

Program Description

The Certificate/Associate of Science (AS) degree program in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is designed to prepare students for entry into a career in generalized or specialized applications of GIS. This program provides students with a strong foundation in geographic concepts for designing spatial models with digital data. The Certificate/AS degree program in GIS prepares students with the technical and analytical skills necessary for research involving GIS. This program also prepares students with the geographic concepts and practical skills necessary to enter the job market as a GIS Technician, GIS Specialist, GIS Analyst, GIS Programmer, GIS Coordinator, GIS Supervisor or GIS Manager. The Associate of Science degree program provides students with a broader educational foundation necessary for transfer to a baccalaureate program in related fields of study. This proposed curriculum is designed for a one-year certificate (18 units) or a two year AS Degree (60 units).

Completion of a minimum of 18 units as listed below.

Required GIS Courses (12 units):
GIS105/GEOG105 - Introduction to Cartography 3 units
GIS115/GEOG115 - Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
     GIS115/GEOG115H - Honors
3 units
GIS120/GEOG120 - Intermediate Geographic Information Systems
     GIS120/GEOG120H - Honors
3 units
GIS125/GEOG125 - Advanced Geographic Information Systems: Applications 3 units
A selection of 6 units within one of the following concentration areas:
Cartography Concentration:
ART 120 - Basic Visual Concepts 3 units
ART 123 - Graphic Design 1 3 units
ART 140 - Digital Illustration 3 units
Engineering Concentration:
ENGR 154 - Computer-Aided Drafting I 3 units
ENGR 164 - Plane Surveying I 3 units
ENGR 166 - Legal Aspects of Surveying 3 units
Geography/GIS Concentration:
GIS130/GEOG130 - Geographic Information Systems: Science, Business and Government 3 units
GIS149/GEOG149 - Occupational Internship 1-3 units
GIS299/GEOG299 - Special Projects: GIS 1-3 units
Multimedia Concentration:
MUL 110 - Introduction to Multimedia 3 units
MUL 131 - Principles of Animation 3 units
Visual Basic Programming Concentration:
CSIS 112 - Visual Basic Programming - Level 1 3 units
CSIS 122 - Visual Basic Programming - Level 2 3 units
CSIS 214 - Principles of Database Management Systems 3 units

Course Descriptions

GEOG105/GIS105 -- Introduction to Cartography 3 units
This course introduces the student to the cartographic principles of map production and interpretation. Topics covered are the history of map making, symbology standards, layout aesthetics, geographic coordinates and projections, map scales, map accuracy, and computer-assisted mapping. Students will create hand-drawn maps and digital maps in geographic information systems (GIS). Cartographic skills are useful to students preparing for degrees in the natural, physical, social, and behavioral sciences.
GEOG115/GIS115 -- Introduction to GIS 3 units
This course prepares students with the geographic concepts necessary for technical application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Topics include data structure, acquisition, integration, and manipulation. Through practical applications in GIS students will use scientific and technical methods of inquiry to analyze tabular and spatial data for geographic trends, patterns, and relationships.
GEOG120/GIS120 -- Intermediate GIS 3 units
This intermediate Geographic Information Systems course prepares students for advanced geographic analysis. Students will integrate geographic concepts and techniques used in spatial analysis, network analysis, and 3D analysis with both raster and vector data. Advanced GIS analysis of spatial statistics, network routing, and 3D surface modeling are emphasized.
GEOG125/GIS125 -- Advanced GIS: Applications 3 units
This course provides practical experience in designing a Geographic Information Systems model. Implementing a research design with spatial data relevant to their field of interest, students sharpen their GIS technical and problem-solving skills. GIS models useful to government, private industry, and academic research are examined. Students are prepared with the advanced practical skills necessary to independently plan, implement, and manage a GIS project.
GEOG130/GIS130 -- GIS: Science, Business, and Government 3 units
This course includes an in-depth survey of GIS applications in science (geography, geology, oceanography, archaeology, and meteorology), government (city, county, state, and federal), and business (marketing, sales, and management). Students will benefit from weekly special topic lectures by persons employed in public and private GIS professions. Topics include data acquisition, accuracy, analysis, presentation, techniques, and legal issues for various GIS applications.

Course outlines can be downloaded from the GIS Web site in .pdf format.
Elective course descriptions are available from their catalog on the college Web site.

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