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Esri Team Water/Wastewater

Esri Team Water/Wastewater meets twice a year. The first meeting is held in February and the second meeting is held in July. The February meeting is usually held at a utility and changes from year to year. The July meeting is always the Saturday prior to the Esri User Conference in San Diego.

This meeting’s history is long and distinguished. The first meeting was held 15 years ago and consisted of a small group of users, business partners and Esri staff. The main goal of the meeting was to modify the “City of Glendale Database Design Document” into a data model that water/wastewater utilities could use. Since then this group has developed the “Water Utilities Data Model Book for 8.0” and it’s updates. They have also been instrumental in the development of data models such as the simplified data models for water, wastewater and stormwater, the treatment plant models and the Team Water toolsets.

Upcoming Meetings

2015–February, Portland, OR
2015–July 18, San Diego, CA

Previous Meetings

July 2014 San Diego, CA— Agenda
  • ArcGIS for Water Utilities Update
  • Death of the PDF
  • City of Sioux Falls and Data Reviewer
  • Impact Analysis and Targeted Outreach for Water Utilities
  • Utility Solutions - Brave New World
  • Implementing the ArcGIS Platform
  • Enabling Field Crews for GIS/GPS
  • Leveraging your GIS data and ArcGIS Online
  • From Desktop to the Field
  • GPS Data Collection Strategies
February 2014 Opelika, AL — Agenda
July 2013 San Diego, CA — Agenda
Feb. 2013 Louisville, KY — Agenda
July. 2012 San Diego, CA — Agenda
Feb. 2012 Mount Laurel, NJ—Agenda
July 2011 San Diego, CA—Agenda
Feb. 2011 Orlando, FL—Agenda
July 2010 San Diego, CA—Agenda
Feb. 2010 Colorado Springs, CO—Agenda

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