Better preparation means a better outcome.

By making your water systems smarter, you can understand buried assets better, optimize performance, and extend the life-span of your assets. Become proactive instead of staying reactive. Location-based applications and dashboards help strategies flow faster. Respond quickly to main breaks and leaks. Share construction, maintenance, and advisories with the public. Enable customers to submit work orders from mobile devices, and empower field crews to maintain assets from mobile, too. Generate compliance reports easily and automate quality control. That's just the tip of the ArcGIS iceberg. Are you ready to see what's in the water?

"GIS has become so pervasive throughout our operations organization that it is blended nicely with our work and maintenance management systems."

Chris Dermody, Director of Information Technology, Denver Water

Esri Water Conference


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A more informed public demands a smarter utility. Empower customers to engage through online advisories and outages.


Build data-driven pictures that support your asset allocation and decision making. GIS simplifies inspection, maintenance, and repair.


Technology-enabled systems management means you have a consistent, quantitative approach. Sync data from the office to the field to access reliable intelligence anywhere.


ArcGIS for Water Utilities

Enhance operations through the proven power of location. ArcGIS for Water Utilities helps you maintain and edit asset data faster—and with less error and redundancy. Improve new infrastructure plans by visualizing dense information in easily interpretable map layers. Maximize field efficiency with preconfigured, no-code apps on your crews' mobile devices.

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ArcGIS for Desktop

Maps show more than location. Discover trends in breaking infrastructure to target capital improvement projects for a sustainable network that costs less now. Comply more easily with regulations through automated reporting. Use proven review tools to ensure data integrity. Provide crews with simple workflows to optimize operations and create self-sufficient employees.

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GeoEvent Extension for ArcGIS

Your next main break could happen today. What if your phone could alert you? Utilities are already taking advantage of event awareness with GeoEvent Extension for ArcGIS. GeoEvent Extension interprets data feeds in real time, such as from AMI and AMR. So you can detect, isolate, and deploy crews to fix situations as soon as they transpire.

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