GIS for Water Resources

Water Resources User Group Committees

Team Water Resources
For more information about the Water Resources user group and scheduled meetings, please contact chairman Bob Pierce of the U.S. Geological Survey at or 770-409-7708.

User groups meet throughout the year to share information, data, tips on software usage, and project news. Domestic, international, and special interest user groups are open to all users of Esri software.

  • Bob Pierce, Chairman, U.S. Geological Survey
  • Walter Austin, Arizona Department of Water Resources
  • Tommy Dewald, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Tom Evans, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
  • Kate Hopkins, Chesapeake Bay Program
  • Kent Lage, Johnson County, Kansas

Partner Council

  • Michael Blogewicz, Danish Hydraulic Institute
  • Michael Gilbrook, HDR
  • Mark Nelson, Jones Edmunds & Associates
  • Brian Shirley, PBS & J

Consortium Advisor

  • David Maidment, University of Texas, Austin

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