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Complimentary Book List

GIS Tutorial

GIS Tutorial for Health

Fifth Edition
GIS Tutorial for Health teaches GIS and analysis skills to health professionals and students. Using health care scenarios, the book demonstrates how to process and visualize health data to better manage services and support health care policy. This workbook features lessons and structured exercises that cover mapping basics, including creating map layers, editing features, and using spatial data. The fifth edition is compatible with ArcGIS 10.2 for Desktop. Exercise data is available for download.

GIS Tutorial

The GIS 20: Essential Skills

Second Edition
Geographic information system (GIS) is a powerful tool that can be challenging to navigate as a beginner, especially when you're faced with a deadline. Inspired by a poll of 500 GIS practitioners, The GIS 20: Essential skills is an easy-to-understand guide that emphasizes the top twenty skills most people need to master to be successful using GIS. A quick and comprehensive introduction to fundamental GIS skills, this book includes a data CD for completing the exercies. Written for professionals with no time for classroom training, The GIS 20 can be used for independent study, or an as-needed reference

GIS Tutorial

A to Z GIS: An illustrated Dictionary of Geographic Information Systems

As GIS technology has evolved and grown, so has the language of this powerful too. Written, developed, and reviewd by more than 150 subject-matter experts, A to Z GIS is packed with more than 1,800 terms, nearly 400 full-color illustrations, and seven encyclopedia-style appendix articles about annotation and labels, features, geometry, layers in ArcGIS, map projections and coordinate systems, remote sensing, and topology. A to Z GIS is a must-have resource for managers, programmers, users, writters, editors, and students discovering the interdisciplinary nature of GIS.


GIS for Human Services

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