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Esri R&D Center–Beijing

Esri has established a research and development center in Beijing to demonstrate its long-term commitment to the GIS user community in China. The Esri R&D Center allows Esri to bring its expertise in advanced spatial technology, software development, and business management to China.

The mission of the Esri R&D Center is to provide localized software and services that meet the needs of users in China. Development projects will leverage Esri's world-renowned GIS software in the areas of desktop cartography, web mapping applications, mobile mapping, ArcGIS Online, solution development, China data and standards support, and localization and testing. Further, by employing local software developers, Esri will help advance the spatial technology expertise of the Chinese workforce, thereby allowing them to contribute to GIS development on an ongoing basis.

Beijing is an area well known for software research and development. The location will also allow Esri R&D Center staff to engage with academic and educational organizations, as well as to maintain a collaborative relationship with our international distributor, Esri China.

We are excited about the technological advances that are possible through the Esri R&D Center and, more importantly, what it can do to help make a difference in China.

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