Esri and ICMA Social Services

App Challenge

Do you have an idea for an app that helps governments transform social services?

Esri and the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) have partnered to connect civic-minded coders and local government officials to help them create next-generation apps. Enter the Esri and ICMA Social Services App Challenge today.


Esri and ICMA

Esri and ICMA

Esri and ICMA members regularly meet to discuss issues facing their communities, such as using technology to collect and maintain huge volumes of data. Local governments must determine the best ways to use such data to improve service delivery and engage citizens. Apps, dashboards, and other digital tools can help bridge the divide between data and action.

Create the Next Generation Apps

Create the Next Generation Apps

ICMA and Esri invite you to create the next generation apps that help governments deliver more transparent, collaborative, and impactful social services. We challenge you to create the tools communities need to open up government data and build stronger communities. By bringing together governments, developers, and companies around the world, we believe we can develop solutions to solve our most pressing challenges.

Ideas to spur inspiration

Members of ICMA met with Esri to discuss ideas about delivering services to citizens, fostering collaboration with other organizations, and measuring performance. Here is a sample of some items that came from this discussion:

  • Provide captions for hearing disabled persons attending a city event.
  • Locate nearby business that accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) cards.
  • Apply a shared economy model for sharing cars to provide transportation for seniors and the disabled.
  • Assist individuals transitioning from jail by providing information about where to get clothes, find transitional housing, and obtain other necessities.
  • Locate all nonprofits in a community.
  • Map and describe nearby social services.
  • Coordinate donations of clothing and food in response to a disaster.
  • Display the real-time status of snow plows.

For more inspiration, visit the ICMA & Esri #LocalGov Technology Alliance page.


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Key Dates

Esri and ICMA

August 18

Competition opens

Esri and ICMA

September 16

Competition closes at 5:00 P.M. (PDT)

Esri and ICMA

September 27

Winners announced at ICMA Annual Conference and on DevPost page

How do I enter?

Questions? Email us at and we’ll respond as soon as possible.
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