Esri Press Desk Copy Program SpatiaLABS

Consider more than 90 books from Esri Press about GIS, mapping, analysis, geography, cartography, and spatial education for adoption in your college or university course. Three books can be requested per instructor, per term, at no cost.

Books available include

  • Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop
  • Map Use: Reading, Analysis, Interpretation, Seventh Edition
  • Introduction to Geometrical and Physical Geodesy: Foundations of Geomatics
  • Getting to Know ArcGIS ModelBuilder
  • GIS Tutorial 2: Spatial Analysis Workbook

Purchase an individual campus-wide license or add a license onto your existing Esri Education site license to receive fully-developed, supplemental materials for the arts and sciences. SpatiaLABS are independent computer lab activities that teach students how to approach a problem using analysis, visualization, and maps.

More than 50 topics, such as

  • Finding Market Opportunities (View lab sample)
  • Trade Area Analysis and Site Selection
  • Building a Geodatabase
  • Assessing Point Groundwater Contamination Potential
  • The Spatial Distribution of Poverty

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