ArcGIS for Fleet
and Mobile

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Efficiently manage assets, work force and customers.

The ArcGIS platform provides the solution you need to maintain a dynamic status of your fleet in real time. Optimize your assignments and schedules by linking visual information to your data. From server to the cloud, Esri has you covered.

Commercial Fleets

Track vehicles, inventory, and equipment in real-time with ease. Streamline deliveries, cut costs, and improve customer satisfaction.


See where service calls and crews are located along with their status – are they already booked on a service call. Answer these questions in real time to increase customer service.

Public Works

Visualize and analyze live weather and traffic along with your internal fleet data, including telematics. Optimize fleets, from snow plows, to street sweepers, and garbage and recycling trucks.

Public Safety

Providing safety to the public means directing limited resources to the locations where they can do the most good. Optimize your response in a timely fashion and keep the public up-to-date with clear communication.