Esri Solutions For Regional Government

Whether you're just getting started with data creation or you're looking to implement more comprehensive and collaborative workflows, Esri has a focused bundle to get you started.

How will you build a smart community?

From transit authorities to councils of government, regional governments and special districts need accurate data to intelligently allocate resources and serve their communities. With the ArcGIS platform, you get proven tools that governments have used for more than 40 years to make smarter decisions and maximize productivity. You can then use the same tools to provide open access to data to those who need it, whether they’re inside your organization or one of your member agencies. With intelligent maps and spatial analysis, you can work more collaboratively, improve regional participation in programs, and secure funding for future projects.

Solutions for Building Smart Communities

These specially priced bundles are extended until September 30th, 2016

Data Creation and Dissemination Bundle

Create accurate, authoritative data for your work that you can easily share across your organization.

Planning and Analysis Bundle

Make more informed decisions using analytical tools and demographic data that can help you build smart, sustainable, and resilient communities.

Compare and Design Bundle

Embrace advanced tools that enable you to weigh alternative scenarios, consider development, and engage stakeholders.

Learn more

Download the Understanding the Role of Regional Government in Building Smart Communities white paper to find out how your organization can take a leading role in developing more resilient and responsive communities.

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