DC Innovation & Collaboration Studio

How can the Studio help me?

Esri's Innovation and Collaboration Studio brings you together with technology experts and subject matter specialists in a casual and creative environment to:

Why visit the Studio?

Innovation and collaboration are key to successful business development in the current technical landscape. Esri delivers cutting-edge technology solutions that meet the needs of customers, and the Studio provides an environment that supports these critical elements in a productive yet casual context.

What types of activities occur in the Studio?

Development Session: Geo-enabling and sharing your organization's data has many benefits. You can come to our Studio to learn how to get started and to see and use the technologies that can help you do this simply and show value quickly.

Prototyping Workshop: If you have an idea for a web or mobile mapping application, Esri staff can help you create a prototype or proof-of-concept to demonstrate to your peers and managers.

Workflow Review: Bring in your geographic data and workflows, and Esri staff will offer suggestions for streamlining and modernizing your data management, web map publication, and analysis practices. Our technical staff will walk you through the suggestions and show you how to implement them.

Meetings: Esri users, partners, and other businesses developing solutions based on Esri® technology can use the Studio to host meetings with their users to showcase the latest developments.

Who should visit the Studio?

We want to work closely with you to help your organization adopt or further develop web mapping and geographic information system (GIS) technology. The DC Innovation and Collaboration Studio is for Esri customers and partners, as well as organizations and businesses that are new to mapping. Analysts, developers, and GIS professionals alike will find the Studio beneficial.

How can I get started?

Contact Us to schedule a session or learn more about the DC Innovation & Collaboration Studio. Current customers and Esri Partner Network (EPN) members can also contact their Esri account managers.

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