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CCI Software provides a fully-integrated assessment and tax collection software to state and local government clients across the US and Canada, including CAMA/Admin (RealWare), Collections (CollectWare), Task Management (WorkFlow), and Data Visualization Solutions in GIS (Matix); resulting in a robust end-to-end solution. MatixDV – powered by Esri’s WPF/Silverlight mapping engine combined with ArcGIS Server – provides state-of-the-art multi-layer mapping, providing jurisdictions with an industry-leading enhanced data visualization tool, joining property data, including spatial, tabular, imagery and sketch for quick and intuitive data analysis of both current and historical records. With CCI’s suite of products, governmental departments will provide everyone, from taxpayers to decision-makers, with powerful trend-tracking, problem solving and analysis tools, giving them unmatched access to meaningful data.

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How Matix and its integration with ArcGIS can help unlock trapped data in a visually intelligent way from ANY CAMA system!