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Deliver exceptional customer service by leveraging something as simple as, ... location? Yes, it can be done. And in real-time, out in the field, when and where it matters most.


Through improving your workflow and collaboration with Esri Location Analytics. Think about claims by synthesizing real time data with impact information you can use to plan and manage your responses better. Cut costs while giving your customers the service they expect and deserve. Everyone benefits through services that display flood outlines, real-time dynamic weather information, storm paths, and tornado touch-down locations, for example. You can predict events that will happen in the future based on historic patterns. Then, this data can be combined so we can facilitate better communication and sharing with all stakeholders inside and outside your organization.

You can benefit from location across your whole organization. But don’t take it from us. Read the SMA Research Brief "Innovation in Action... Insurer Highlights". You'll learn how Amica Mutual Insurance applied Esri location analytics throughout their claims management system and provided a quicker way to see the location of the insured risk and how the claim correlated with the location of the catastrophic event.

Let us help! Tell us a little bit about yourself and we’ll give you GIS for the Insurance Claims Process: Five steps for an Effective Workflow, a guide to how location can help you provide your customers with the best service.

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Learn how Amica won an award for their excellent customer service

"Waiting days for first-responder reports, damage models, or even post-event aerial imagery just isn't an option anymore when responding to catastrophes."

Adam Kostecki, claims examiner, Property Loss Division, Amica Mutual Insurance

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