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What happens when you take a look at your business with location analytics? You will have access to more accurate information faster. You will manage exposure better. All helping you achieve the goals of your business.


You can do good by your customers. Locate your customers, understand what they need and when they need it, and provide it as quickly as possible, all by understanding where. Bring out new patterns and gain an in depth understanding of your data using Location Analytics. Better identify where your company can safely assume more risk. Find customers who need your help.

But it’s not all about the customers – you can minimize the risk to your company, too. When you see where historic catastrophic events have occurred, you can better understand where your business is vulnerable. You can define territories and create a balanced, healthy book of business. That’s why Location analytics is important to insurers.

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"The ArcGIS platform enhances the efficiency of the adjuster in the field by pulling in relevant information, ranging from address-specific PLRBdata files to post-catastrophe satellite images, through the power of GIS technology."

Hugh Strawn Vice President, PLRB Catastrophe Services

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