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Let's face it – you're probably already using maps and data to perform visual analysis. Using maps to derive context has been used by smart analysts like you for centuries. But did you know you could take it a step further?

Esri's location platform combines maps and data giving you less risky and more informed decisions. You can create analytics with high resolution, real-time, and accurate geographically-based information. And by seeing this information on a map, you can easily understand the relationship between everything that is important.

Integrate your own proprietary models, and facilitate collaboration in your organization, by improving access to information that is important to both your business agility and making the best decisions. Don’t let place-based catastrophes erode profits.

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According to a global insurance study, worldwide economic losses from natural disasters in 2010 totaled $194 billion

The S&P lost 11.6 percent in the four days after reopening in 2001 following the September 11 attack

The Nikkei index dropped 10.6 percent after the tsunami.

During the Egyptian uprising, the EGX fell 16 percent in two days.

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