GIS in Depth: a Modern Hydrographic Workflow

Ensure quality, scalability and interoperability across your organization

Hydrographic organizations nowadays need a geospatial platform that not only creates nautical charts but also integrates and manages bathymetry and other hydrographic information that respond to increasing demands of marine spatial data. With a Modern Hydrographic Workflow Esri provides quick, simple and powerful tools that enable the creation of data, products and services that help fulfill an organization's mission for safety of life and property. Esri's Modern Hydrographic workflow extends your current capabilities of integrating data into a Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure that can readily be shared and managed using Cloud technology.

Esri Nautical Solution 10.1 Highlights


Significantly reduce your production time generating high-quality electronic, hard-copy, and raster navigational products that comply with international standards.


Utilize pre-built workflows and task assistant manager to walk you through production. The new task assistant manager in the Esri Nautical solution will help you with your workflows and reduce the learning curve for new employees.


Managers can review their projects by facilitating streamlined quality assurance and quality control for assignment, execution, monitoring and reporting of your production activities. Produce and maintain all your products simultaneously.

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