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ArcGIS for Land Records
Implementation Packages

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The ArcGIS for Land Records Implementation Packages are designed to support customers with migrating to and implementing the ArcGIS Parcel Editing Solution and ArcGIS for Local Government Solution maps and apps. The implementation packages provide a support framework that includes the following activities:


Reduce Costs

Esri's implementation methodology reduces customer's time and cost to realize the benefits of ArcGIS for Land Records Solution.

Increase Productivity

Esri's support during rollout will increase staff parcel editor's productivity with ArcGIS for Land Records.

Access to Expertise

With decades of experience, Esri is able to identify and provide guidance on the most common issues during migration and implementation.


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Implementation Plan

Implementation Plan

Your primary plan of attack for moving forward. Developed from a standard template, the Implementation Plan provides a roadmap for migrating from previous methods to implementing the ArcGIS for Land Records solution. Recommendations may include—but aren’t limited to—data quality, hardware requirements, and staff skill sets.

Migration Support

Onsite support includes:

  • Collaborative mapping of existing customer features to the parcel editing data model and the Local Government Information Model.
  • Best practices for common data issues.
  • Geoprocessing tool assistance to prepare data for migration.

Remote support includes:

  • Preparing a plan from a standard template as a guide to resolving data and migration procedures.
  • Esri’s consultant to answer customer questions.
Migration Support

Workflow Training

Workflow Training

Onsite training offers a focus on knowledge transfer–an Esri consultant shows how to maintain land record data using COTS parcel workflows, provides maintenance tips, and prepares a brief written summary of findings.

Remote training for Tier 1-3 organizations focuses on training the trainers, while Tier 4-5 training is designed for staff responsible for maintaining land records.

Map Production

The fourth and final activity of the Service Package completes the framework with remote consulting support to assist in implementing the Tax Parcel Viewer and—optionally—the Tax Map Book. This final phase ensures you are receiving benefits from the package by making the information actionable and available for assessors, appraisers, and the general public.

Map Production