GIS on the Rise in Citizen Engagement

Increasing Community Satisfaction, while Saving Time
and Money

Want to improve community satisfaction and operational efficiency, while extending your workforce free of charge? Then spend your lunch time with us for a series of free webinars on how data collected by your community can be integrated into the workflow of your public works department Esri will be joined by representatives from Cityworks and CitySourced, two partners that have helped develop a methodology to integrate volunteer geographic information (VGI) into your authoritative GIS database and put citizen engagement to work for you.

Watch Recording

Watch Recording

Watch Recording

David Cardella David Cardella, Esri
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Esri's Vision for Citizen Engagement
Smartphone applications in the hands of citizens can be an effective tool to mobilize your workforce at the right time and right place. Leveraging Esri ArcGIS technology and the applications developed by its partners engages your local community and extends the power of your GIS.

Brent Wilson Brent Wilson, Cityworks
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Managing the Work
Collecting citizen input with smartphones allows you to quickly identify specific infrastructure maintenance needs. With Cityworks, that data can be integrated into your GIS database for asset management and workcrew assignment.

Kurt Daradics Kurt Daradics, CitySourced
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Getting the Feedback
The key to mobile field data collection by members of the community is making the technology easy to use. CitySourced packages critical public works service requests into a friendly smartphone application.


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