Achieving Maximum Success with Your ELA

Find out how to make the most of your enterprise-wide GIS

Ensure that your organization is taking full advantage of its ArcGIS resources through our free webinar series designed especially for government ELA customers. This is the place to get insight from the experts on new trends and technologies in enterprise-wide GIS. You'll learn about best practices and offerings that support stronger asset management, public safety, citizen engagement, and more.

Chris Thomas

Achieving Maximum Success with Your ELA-An Introduction

Chris Thomas, Esri Director of Government Markets, shares best practices in enterprise-wide GIS implementation. Learn how to gain management support, pick the right applications, and communicate the return on investment.

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Milan Mueller

The CrimeView Dashboard–The Next Evolution in Performance-Based Policing

Milan Mueller, President of the Omega Group, explains how a geospatially intelligent, customizable crime analysis dashboard provides quick visual reference to the most important information needed for optimal policing activities.

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Chuck Newberry

Permitting and Land Management Software—Leveraging GIS across the Enterprise

Chuck Newberry, EnerGov Regional Manager, shares how the latest enterprise server software enables government agencies to leverage GIS across the enterprise to increase efficiency in permitting, regulatory land use, and enforcement processes.

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Brent Wilson

GIS-Centric Asset, Permitting, Licensing, and Land Management

Brent Wilson, Sales Manager for Cityworks, discusses how the next generation of ArcGIS-based software supports asset management, permitting, licensing, and land management on one comprehensive interface.

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Kurt Daradics

Leveraging GIS, Mobile, & Web Technologies to Optimize Resources & Engage Citizens

Kurt Daradics, Director of Business Development for CitySourced, explores a real-time, mobile civic engagement platform that empowers residents to report issues to city hall on topics such as public safety, quality of life, and environmental issues.

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