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Putting Community Health on the Map

See your data in a whole new way.

Transform your mountain of data into actionable information with intelligent maps and analysis. Discover patterns and trends that can help you boost the delivery of care, while dramatically cutting costs.

Your treasure trove of information already exists. Use GIS to see what your data has always wanted to show you, and transform health in your community.

Big Data and Health Webinar

Watch this recorded webinar to see how geography can boost Medicaid programs. In order to view the entire webinar, please download the video MP4 download →

ArcGIS Online

Create interactive web maps and apps that promote healthy behavior and arm decision makers with important information. Learn more →

ArcGIS Platform

Modernize your approach to health and human services to prioritize spending, site service locations, and identify vulnerable populations. Learn more →

Free Book Offer

Start using the power of geography to unlock smarter health in your community with a free book from Esri. Learn more →