Microsoft & Esri

Longtime partners Microsoft and Esri are working together to deliver geospatial analytics and business intelligence.

When you see your data on a map, you’ll understand. Location gives you valuable context for smart and successful site selection, asset management, customer service, and sales. Here’s how to get there.

ArcGIS Maps for Power BI

ArcGIS integrates with Microsoft Power BI to give you the power of spatial analytics—this means location-based insights inside your business intelligence. Experience enhanced mapping capability, demographic data, and even more compelling map visualizations.

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ArcGIS Maps for Office

Spreadsheets and graphs make data come alive and reveal a story that impacts decision making. Use maps to see the story from another perspective. Ask location-related questions of your data, get new insights, and make smarter decisions.

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ArcGIS Maps for Sharepoint

When you map your SharePoint data you see key business measures in color-coded, point, clustered point, or heat maps. Enrich your data with demographic and lifestyle data from Esri. Then share your maps for better collaboration and informed decisions all around.

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