So many reasons to use the cloud… Scale to meet demand. Ensure reliable performance. Reduce infrastructure costs. Kick off new projects with a fast, flexible deployment. Here are your options.

ArcGIS Server on Microsoft Azure

ArcGIS Server users can harness the power of Microsoft’s scalable cloud infrastructure while maintaining full control of geospatial assets. You get distributed processing power to work with real-time GIS technology so you can:

  • Monitor and analyze real-time data feeds from any type of sensor
  • Process and analyze massive amounts of satellite and remote sensing imagery
  • Perform space-time analysis on large data sets up to billions of data points
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Esri Managed Cloud Services

Focus on your mission and extract value from ArcGIS while Esri handles the details. Esri will design, deploy, monitor, and manage your ArcGIS in the Azure cloud. You’ll have peace of mind knowing the services are made to suit your needs, and will evolve with you into the future.

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Jumpstart Service

ArcGIS Server on Microsoft Azure Jumpstart provides on-site configuration support and technology transfer. An experienced Esri consultant will show you how to use ArcGIS Server on Microsoft Azure and share best practices to ensure a smooth transition.

ArcGIS Pro in the Azure Cloud

Esri’s premier professional desktop application, ArcGIS Pro, will now be accessible via Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, leveraging a growing collection of integrated cloud services. Enjoy all the capabilities of ArcGIS Pro on Azure’s virtual desktop. Visualize, edit, and analyze geographic data in both 2D and 3D, and share your work with others.

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Real-Time GIS Managed Service

Coming in early 2017, Esri will offer a new managed cloud service on Microsoft Azure Container Services, working with the Azure IoT Suite. It will combine Esri’s real-time GIS technology with a big data analytics capability to process and analyze tens of thousands (up to millions) of records per second. Esri will manage the Azure cloud infrastructure so you can focus on working with any type of streaming data:

  • Real-time sensors for moving objects such as vehicles and vessels
  • Stationary sensors that are components in an electric, water, or gas utility network
  • Feeds from social media, weather, and environmental sensors
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Survey123 Connector for Microsoft Flow

Survey123 for ArcGIS, Esri’s smart-form data gathering solution, is part of Microsoft Flow’s connector community. The Survey123 Connector for Microsoft Flow enables Survey123’s dynamic data to be automatically prioritized based on type, department, urgency, and most importantly, location. Available as a Cloud offering, Microsoft Flow lets organizations create automated, more efficient workflows between numerous different apps and enterprise services, ensuring the information they need is always accessible at the right time to the right people.

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