Clear Your Analytics Blind Spot

Your users want to see where.

Combine the geographic insight of location analytics with the power of Cognos BI and help your users see the big picture.


Your data has more to show.

Esri Maps for IBM Cognos is:


Takes advantage of all the capabilities for accessing data where it resides - with no custom coding

Non Disruptive

Plugs directly into the Cognos workflow

Built for the Enterprise

Integrates Esri's enterprise GIS platform into the IBM Cognos BI architecture

Maps are ubiquitous in our world today, and your BI users want them in reports and easy-to-use dashboards. Extend your BI investment with Esri Maps for IBM Cognos and clear your analytics blind spot.

Want to see Esri Maps for IBM Cognos in action? Request your live demo.

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