What are SpatiaLABS?

SpatiaLABS supplement college/university coursework in the arts and sciences using a customizable, easy-to-use, computer-based lab. SpatiaLABS are for the whole campus and grows annually (56 labs currently available).

What are your peers saying about SpatiaLABS?

What appeals to me about this concept as a teacher is to be able to supplement the student experience beyond the ‘canned’ data that comes with many GIS textbooks. I often struggle to create my own extra labs because I only teach part-time and have a full-time job I work at during the day, so there is not a lot of extra time. So I think this is a great potential tool for me as an instructor.

— Paul Morgan, Ohlone College, Professor of Physical Geography and GIS

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Watch a 2 minute video

SpatiaLABS teach students how to approach a spatial problem using analysis, visualization, and maps.

View a sample lab

SpatiaLABS are based on real-world challenges.

*The price for SpatiaLABS may vary based on the size your educational institution. Call Esri at 1-866-447-3038 for more information.

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