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This new version of Community Analyst is based on ArcGIS Online, Esri’s mapping platform, and works very much like the current version. The interface will be familiar to you, but improved.

The new Community Analyst includes a subscription to ArcGIS Online and provides full access to content, sharing, and apps, including Esri Maps for Office for creating interactive maps directly in Microsoft Excel and using them in PowerPoint presentations. Your work in Community Analyst will consume ArcGIS Online credits and requires you to have an Esri ArcGIS Online Organization account.

It also requires you to create a new login name.

If you already have an ArcGIS Online login:

  1. You must be registered for ArcGIS Online as part of an organization. (Most people have organizational accounts).
  2. Log in here to the new Community Analyst using your ArcGIS Online organization account user name and password.
  3. Explore, investigate.
  4. Esri will add ArcGIS Online credits to your organization account to support use through the end of your current Community Analyst subscription term.

If you DO NOT have an ArcGIS Online login:

Please call Esri Customer Service at 1-888-377-4575, menu option #5.

Make sure you bookmark the new login url.

Can I transfer work I've already created?
No, work, sites, and reports you’ve created using the current version of Community Analyst cannot be transferred to the new version.

Questions? Email us.