Community Analyst

Try It Now

Use the new Community Analyst now and let us know what you think. This new version of Comunity Analyst requires that you to have an ArcGIS Online organizational account.

If you already have an ArcGIS Online account:

  • You must be registered for ArcGIS Online as part of an organization.
  • Log in here to the new Community Analyst using your ArcGIS Online organizational account user name and password.
  • Explore, investigate.

Don't know if you already have an ArcGIS Online account or need to setup a new one?

Call Esri Customer Service at 1-888-377-4575, menu option #5.

Why do I need ArcGIS Online and will my work be saved?

The latest version of Community Analyst is built to fully leverage the ArcGIS platform, using data and content from ArcGIS Online. You can access more content and share results with others in your organization or across your apps and devices.

All the work you create will be stored under "My Content" in your ArcGIS Online organization. Reports and sites you generate using the new Community Analyst will be saved and you can access them easily though Community Analyst or ArcGIS Online.