In support of the UN Climate Summit, Esri hosted the Global Disaster Resilience App Challenge and called on developers from around the word create game changing apps that will help communities around the world to be more resilient in the face of disasters. Esri recognized 10 developers at the UN Climate Summit for their ingenuity in devising life-saving apps for use in reducing the impact of extreme weather events on cities and coastal communities.


Cities, Planning for Sea Level Rise

This web application comprehensively displays coastal vulnerabilities through display alongside population density data. Users can obtain detailed information panels and graphs based upon locations they decide. Visit site.

Coastal Defense

Coastal Defense quantifies the reduction of wave height and energy resulting from various nature-based solutions. Mitigating erosion and inundation damage alleviates disaster risk, and helps asses risk and vulnerability for prioritizing policy decisions. Visit site.

Community Resilience Inference Measurement

The Community Resilience Inference Measurement app measures the ability for U.S. counties to be more resilient to climate-related hazards. Visit site.

Modeling Resilience to Stormwater

Provides high-resolution information visualizing accumulated stormwater runoff in relation to key community infrastructure. Rain water levels can be compared to historical baseline values so communities can determine at-risk locations. Visit site.

Urban Seismic Induced Landslide Hazard Explorer

An app that visualizes landslide risks by using advanced slope modeling to map at-risk areas communities can plan infrastructure location and update vulnerable and stable areas. Visit site.

Alaska Permafrost Risk Application

A web-based tool analyzing historical and forecasted ground temperature data and models it with soil thickness measurements above the permafrost layer. Visit site.

Guardian Evacuations

Extends the Guardian Disaster Management Suite by synching data between centralized database and mobile app to allow citizens to find closest evacuation center Visit site.


Loclfeed allows Public Service Organizations to broadcast evacuation schedules, preferred routes, and shelter locations to citizens. This app is only available on mobile devices.

Radar for Life

Radar for Life identifies and highlights areas potentially damaged by a natural disaster. Citizens can then use the application to remotely validate the damage to help coordinate response efforts. Visit site.


Vistula helps citizens understand the flood risk in their community and devise plans for protecting themselves and loved ones. Click on the link to contact the developer for more information.

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