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ArcReader 8.2 and 8.3

Last updated April 3, 2002

At the time of this writing, these are the currently known issues related to Section 508 compliance. This list may not be comprehensive and will be periodically updated as more information becomes available.

  1. Not all dialog boxes provide access through keyboard equivalent. (§1194.21 (a))
    There are a few issues in ArcReader:

    The Table of Contents is not accessible using only the keyboard. (CQ00161927)

    Tools, such as zoom, pan, identify, measure, and hyperlink, cannot be controlled on the display area using the keyboard. (CQ00163224)

    The Find and Identify dialog boxes do not have a proper tab and focus sequence. (CQ00163223)

    The ArcReader help dialog box does not have a proper tab sequence. (CQ00163225)

    The ArcReader Magnifier window tool is missing some keyboard shortcuts. (CQ00162806)

    When multiple dialog boxes and windows are open in ArcReader, there is no way to switch between them using only the keyboard. (CQ00163226)

    The application key on the keyboard does not display the pop-up window (work) in ArcReader. (CQ00163227)
  2. Information about user interface objects (§1194.21 (d))
    The main menu items in ArcReader do not provide sufficient information about the user interface elements to be reliably used with some assistive technologies (e.g., narrator).
  3. MapTips do not respect user-selected display attributes. (§1194.21 (g))
    The color of MapTips text cannot be changed via global or application settings and remains black.
  4. Animated information shall be displayable in at least one nonanimated mode. (§1194.21 (h))
    ArcReader uses a spinning (animated) globe to indicate drawing in progress. Currently, a nonanimated equivalent option is not available.

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