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Using Real-Time Decisions to Dominate

Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Management

IoT, big data, and real-time analysis are all part of a successful digital transformation across industries. Supply chain operations have the most to gain from a location strategy.

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A Customer-Centric Approach Fueled by Location

From predicting where the flu will impact customers to determining how to merchandise stores, a location strategy is central to Walgreens’ 24/7 operations.

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Real-Time Risk Management

Not all disruptions in the supply chain are catastrophic. A fast reaction to any interference, enabled by location strategy, helps cut costs.

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A New Real-Time Paradigm in Real Estate

CBRE’s self-service location platform gives staff the live data they need to capitalize on opportunities and provide predictive analytics to clients.

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Powerful Tools. Even Better Outcomes.

Your business doesn’t operate on a pre-determined schedule. Neither should your data or your analytics. Monitor, understand, and predict how everything from extreme weather to civil unrest can impact your business.



View mobile maps

Visualize real-time business data when you’re in the field or on-the-go to close deals and take advantage of opportunities.



Visualize live data

See what’s affecting your business as it happens and respond the right way.



Field data collection

Easily sync field data back to the office to inform your entire enterprise in real time.



Real-time dashboards

Keep track of the assets, KPIs, and results that matter most with an executive-level view of your operations through interactive maps and visualizations.



Trigger alerts

Be the first to know when something unexpected is happening so you can mobilize quickly.

ArcGIS: The Platform for Business

Everything in business happens somewhere. With ArcGIS, you can take advantage of that fact to analyze your customers, competitors, and markets like never before. Start building your location strategy today with ArcGIS.

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