Hacking Location: The Future of TV Analytics

April 15, 2015

Norfolk Southern Railway is a subsidiary of Norfolk Southern Corporation operating close to 21,000 miles of railway in 22 states. The company is a major coal and industrial products transporter serving every major container port in the eastern United States. Norfolk Southern operates the most extensive intermodal network—freight transferring between trains, ships, and trucks without handling the freight—in the East.

From “WE” to “ME”

TTV has shifted from a “WE” to a “ME” experience. Viewing has gone from a group activity—people gathering together on a couch to watch a show—to an individual experience because people can now download and stream content directly to smart devices. But as the TV experience becomes more versatile and device independent, how can the industry best manage this complexity?

They need to start thinking about TV in a whole different way.

Distribution Paradigm Change

This distribution paradigm shift is a boon to the industry. Why?

As digital offers from TV channels grow—episodes provided through the network’s web site or streaming apps, for example—the more they can understand their viewers and deliver the right content directly to their audience. Because for every one of those viewers and devices, there is data—a lot of data. Information about everything each viewer watched, as well as where and when, can be collected. Every pair of eyes watching delivered content is now a known point of sale.