Year in Review for ArcGIS for Utilities and ArcGIS for Telecommunications

By Pat Dolan, ArcGIS for Utilities Team Lead

It's been a busy year for the ArcGIS for Utilities and ArcGIS for Telecommunications solutions team. As 2015 comes to a close, we thought it would be a good time to highlight some of the new solutions released this year:

Foundational Maps

We met with many of you at the beginning of 2015 to determine the most commonly used utility maps. Thanks to your feedback, we deployed a set of core foundational maps for electric, gas, and telecommunications. These core maps support 80 percent of business applications within organizations including asset management, engineering, planning, work management, and customer care. If you haven't deployed your core maps, take a look at the foundational maps on the ArcGIS Solutions website to help jump-start your deployment.

Going to the Field

Another key focus area in 2015 was developing a common pattern to organize, collect, and summarize survey and inspection activities. The most popular examples are the Joint Use Survey and Leak Survey templates. Special thanks to SSP Innovations for reviewing the Joint Use Survey template and providing invaluable feedback on the design and integration to work management. For more information, watch the SSP Innovations video on Joint Use Survey and the Esri Live Training Seminar on Utility Asset Inspection Using ArcGIS.

Summing It Up

Finally, we’ve done a lot of work in developing new Web App Builder for ArcGIS widgets to help streamline common utility tasks. For example, we will release a new widget that can summarize a large amount of information. The new Situation Awareness widget is designed to be configured for your data. The results can be either saved as a new feature class or exported as a CSV file. The Situation Awareness widget is now available.

Esri’s solutions team wants to thank everyone who helped design configurable solutions for the ArcGIS utilities and telecommunications communities in 2015. We look forward to working with you in 2016 and hearing about your successes using Esri solutions. To stay updated with the latest solutions, visit the ArcGIS for Utilities and ArcGIS for Telecommunications sites.