UPDM Release Supports ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing

November 16, 2015

By Tom Coolidge, Pipeline and Gas Utility Industry Solutions Manager at Esri

The July release of ArcGIS for Gas Utilities includes a new version of the Utility and Pipeline Data Model (UPDM) that features support of the approaching beta release of the ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing extension.

UPDM is a geodatabase schema template for operators of pipe networks in the gas and hazardous liquids industries. UPDM is a moderately normalized data model that explicitly represents each physical component of a gas pipe network from the wellhead to the customer meter, or hazardous liquids pipe network from the wellhead to the terminal or delivery point, in a single database table object.

New to this release of UPDM are provisions for data required by Esri’s ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing extension.
The scope of UPDM also supports data related to physical components and data related to activity and integrity.
Physical components of pipe networks supported by UPDM include the following:

  • Pipes (transmission, gathering, distribution, service, etc.)
  • Flow control devices (compressor and pump stations, town border stations, regulators, valves, controllable fittings, etc.)
  • In-line devices (meters, gas lamps, noncontrollable fittings, rural taps, tanks, etc.)
  • Connected devices (coupons, drips, pressure monitoring devices, etc.)
  • Structures (pipe casing, pipeline marker, station structure, vault, etc.)
  • Conditioning equipment (dehydration equipment, line heater, odorizer, scrubber, strainer, etc.)
  • Cathodic protection systems (anode, rectifier, test point, etc.)
  • Legacy abandoned Assets

Data provided within the Activity and Integrity grouping includes the following:

  • Inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Leak survey
  • Environment
  • In-line inspection
  • Integrity
  • Mapping

Development of UPDM was inspired by the many suggestions of customers and partners working to address industry linear referencing and data model needs that were not being met by the predecessors of UPDM, the Gas Data Model and the ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model (APDM). Esri extends its thanks to these contributors, especially the partners who engaged in focused workshops and the customers who, as early adopters, refined UPDM. While Esri will no longer be distributing APDM to pipeline operators that have not already implemented it, Esri is continuing APDM support for pipeline operators that have.

To date, UPDM has been downloaded more than 545 times. Already, early adopters are implementing UPDM in vertically integrated gas companies that have both transmission and distribution networks, in gas transmission companies, and in hazardous liquids pipelines.

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