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Esri Strengthens Internet Mapping

ArcIMS makes it easy for users to distribute GIS data to many usersEsri is continuing to enhance its Web-based mapping and GIS technology. Internet Map Server (IMS) solutions are being enhanced with new templates and by a new version to be known as ArcIMS Version 3.0. The new templates will immediately provide IMS users with a new family of out-of-the-box applications that can be used to rapidly implement sites.

For several years Esri has been growing its Internet mapping and GIS technology. During this time, the primary focus was developing server-based mapping and geoprocessing solutions by offering Internet extension solutions for ArcView GIS and MapObjects. Although this has been very successful with thousands of user deployments, Esri will shortly launch the next phase of IMS technology, which will enhance the server-based architecture with software that allows our users to also take advantage of client-side processing in addition to server processing.

"All of these experiences have helped Esri develop a clear vision for a stronger client/server approach to Internet mapping and GIS," says Jack Dangermond, Esri president.

One of the key features of Esri's next generation ArcIMS solution is that data can optionally be streamed directly from servers to clients, and it can be combined with local data. ArcIMS acts as an integration tool for reading local and network-based data. States Dangermond, "This will be the first Internet GIS solution that combines local and Internet data in the same browser. Equally important, data will be able to be simultaneously streamed from multiple IMS server sites."

Internet Map Server diagramArcIMS Version 3.0 is a synthesis of the best features from Esri's current Internet technology, together with a new architecture facilitating many new features. ArcIMS Version 3.0 will be very easy to implement (ArcView GIS-like). It will also be customizable and scalable (MapObjects-like). It will have a strong foundation architecture similar to that which is now supporting open architecture.

Finally, ArcIMS Version 3.0 will be a core component of Esri's next-generation family of distributed GIS solutions.

"I strongly believe that ArcIMS will represent a major new architecture for leveraging your GIS data to many users," states Dangermond. "Distributing GIS capability via the Internet makes data more accessible to the public and provides an easy-to-use format that is extremely cost-effective to implement."

According to Mike Tait, ArcIMS team leader, "The capability of ArcIMS changes the way users will be able to access and interact with Internet data at their desktop."

ArcIMS Version 3.0 provides an out-of-the-box solution for authoring and publishing maps. For more advanced users, client and server configuration and management tools are available for building secure, reliable, and scalable sites.

Key features of ArcIMS Version 3.0 include:

Easy installation, implementation, and administration--Wizards and templates with simple step-by-step instructions will guide users through tasks for authoring and publishing maps--no programming is required. Simply create a map, design the Web page, and publish it. Easy-to-use tools will help monitor and maintain the site.

Advanced client--ArcIMS Version 3.0 will support streaming vector data to a client ArcIMS Web browser, resulting in increased performance.

Integrates local and Internet data--One of the key features of ArcIMS Version 3.0 will be its ability to integrate geographic data from many sources for display on your desktop. ArcIMS Version 3.0 will simultaneously access Web data, local shapefiles, SDE data sets, and images.

Highly scalable server architecture--ArcIMS Version 3.0 will publish GIS services from a single server or can integrate data across multiple servers, which provides for a highly efficient and scalable environment.

High-quality cartographic rendering--Streamed vector data allows for better-looking on-screen display. Additionally, anti-aliasing also improves the quality of raster maps.

Continued support for current IMS users--ArcView IMS Version 1.0 and Version 2.0 will integrate directly into an ArcIMS solution. Esri will continue to support use of these software products as independent solutions. Users who purchase these solutions after March 15, 1999, will receive a free upgrade to ArcIMS Version 3.0. ArcIMS Version 3.0 supports Windows NT and UNIX platforms.

ArcIMS Version 3.0 will be available in summer 1999. For more information on ArcIMS Version 3.0, please call your local reseller, Esri at 1-800-447-9778, or your regional office, or visit the Web site at Outside the United States, contact your local Esri distributor. For the latest news on Esri software, please regularly visit

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