Updated Internet Starter Applications Available for Download

Setup Program Screen ShotAfter a successful year of availability, Esri announces the update of the Starter Application templates for MapObjects Internet Map Server (IMS) Version 2.0. These templates are designed to help users quickly get started serving maps on the Internet.

According to Christopher Thomas, local government industry manager, "We worked with a large number of local government and other agencies to identify key functions common to the majority of applications. These provide a starting point to show users the kind of GIS data that can typically be posted on the Web."

Not only do the Internet Starter Applications (ISAs) give users a jump-start for quickly serving data on the Internet, but they speed up the planning process as well. "We give you the top five GIS applications most users are looking to provide on the Web," says Thomas. "Over time, as your level of expertise grows, you can customize your site from there and update the applications."

The ISA templates for Version 2.0 currently include five modules: Property Information, Notification, Site Selector, Demographic Display, and General Map Display. The templates provide key query functionality that can easily be modified and customized using JavaScript and other languages. The templates have been designed specifically to work with Version 2.0.

A major benefit to using ISAs with is that users can quickly take applications generated from high-end professional GIS system analysis and turn these applications into something that everyone can easily use and access. Adds Thomas, "The sophistication of ArcInfo and ArcView GIS applications and databases becomes user-friendly at the level because anyone can use a Web browser."

This simple interface allows citizens to acquire Web-based information without having to call or visit a city office. According to Maria Macgunigal, senior GIS analyst, when the City of Sacramento Map Information Tools Web site initially went online, the public was so excited that the server was averaging about 1,000 users a day.

The ISA templates require installation of Version 2.0. They include a setup wizard that locates data and makes the setup process user-friendly. The setup wizard also contains a conversion utility for Version 1.0 users to convert applications to the Version 2.0 format.

The Internet Starter Application templates are now available. Please visit www.esri.com/mapobjectsims for more information. These templates work with the free 90-day evaluation of Version 2.0, which is also available from the Esri Web site and, outside the U.S., from your local Esri distributor.

For additional information on the Internet Starter Application templates, call Esri at 1-800-447-9778, your regional office, or your local reseller. Outside the U.S., please contact your local Esri distributor.

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