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From Equus Beds to Oak Trees, Internet Mapping Works for People

As more organizations recognize the power of online mapping, the number of interactive mapping sites is exploding. Each issue of ArcNews discusses some of the latest Internet locations that use Esri software. To have your site featured in this column, send a description of the mapping site and the URL ( Links to these and other Web sites powered by Esri technology are at

Border Colonia Geography Online
In Texas, "colonia" refers to an unincorporated settlement along the Texas-Mexico border that may lack basic water and sewer systems, electricity, paved roads, and safe and sanitary housing. The Texas Office of the Attorney General created and maintains this site, which uses MapObjects Internet Map Server (IMS). The database contains accurate geographic and descriptive data on more than 1,800 colonia areas in 29 border area counties. Colonia geography includes the location, boundary, and area of each colonia, roads serving the community, the internal road network, and in some counties, driveways leading to occupied units. The proximity of colonias to other geographic features, as well as their relationship to census geographic units, is also displayed.

Equus Beds Information Resource
This site provides the public with detailed information about the Equus Beds aquifer located north of Wichita, Kansas. Users can retrieve information from searchable databases about actual and potential groundwater contamination concerns, and the ArcIMS feature enables users to create maps showing water resources, population centers, and other jurisdictional data. The site provides information about regulatory, prevention, technical assistance, and educational programs in place at all levels of government to protect this valuable resource.

New York City OASIS
The New York City Open Accessible Space Information System Cooperative (OASIS) is a partnership of more than 30 public and private organizations that provides a one-stop, interactive mapping and data analysis application to enhance the stewardship of open space for the benefit of New York City residents. Users can create maps of open space by ZIP Code, borough, tax block and lot, and neighborhood. The site is powered by ArcIMS.

Roteiro de Oeiras
Users can make map-based data searches for services in the municipality of Oeiras, Portugal, at this site, which was built with . The site is in Portuguese, and the map layers include the city street network, water supply, parks and greenspace, gas and electric lines, and telecommunications network. Citizens can access the site to notify officials of street damage or other environmental concerns. There is also a section of photographs.

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