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Revisiting USA Today

The printed edition of ArcNews Spring 2001 contained an error in the map printed with the article on page 15 entitled "USA Today Uses GIS for Election Mapping." The legends for the three bar graphs at the top of the map were incorrect. The colors were right, but the names Bush and Gore were accidentally transposed. This was a regrettable production error (as opposed to an editorial error) having everything to do with the vicissitudes of magazine publishing and nothing to do with the functionality of either GIS or MapShop (for more about MapShop, see "The Associated Press Develops MapShop" in the Spring 2001 ArcNews). Fortunately, we noticed it in time to be sure the online version of the map was correct.

The error was not on the original map published by USA Today on November 9, 2000. The one and only place where the error was introduced was in the map of the November 2000 election, county by countythree legends in the bar chart at the top of the map that was published on page 15 of the paper version of the Spring 2001 ArcNews.

Esri sincerely regrets the resulting confusion this error may have caused. We do, however, truly appreciate the numerous readers (who are clearly eagle-eyed and passionate about maps!) who took the time to e-mail, phone, and write us about the problem. Should you require further information, please contact Tom Miller, ArcNews Editor (e-mail:, tel.: 909-793-2853, ext. 1-2217).

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