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Summer 2009
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Free Training Resources Help Maintain GIS Skills

New Training and Education Offerings from Esri

Esri TrainingTo keep your skills up-to-date, take advantage of the following free training resources:

Live Training Seminars—These one-hour online seminars feature presentations and demonstrations on focused topics by subject matter experts. You can ask the presenter questions and get answers in real time. Visit for a schedule of upcoming seminars and to sign up for convenient reminders. A list of archived training seminars is available at

Instructional Series Podcasts—These short audio recordings are on specific topics delivered by subject matter experts. You can listen online or download to an MP3 player. Visit for a list of available podcasts and to subscribe to the podcast feed to be notified when new content is available.

Esri Training Matters Blog—This blog offers practical tips for working with Esri technology, as well as information about Esri training and education products. Visit for the latest news and to subscribe to the blog's RSS feed to receive updates.

Desktop GIS

Creating and Publishing Maps with ArcGIS—Using a standard cartographic process, learn how to create maps that are easy to interpret and properly designed for your audience and delivery medium. Instructor-Led Course

Performing Analysis with ArcGIS Desktop—Find out how to solve a variety of spatial challenges, such as site selection, line-of-sight (visibility) analysis, hot spot analysis, and regression analysis, with a proven process that you can apply to your spatial analysis projects. Instructor-Led Course

Creating and Analyzing Surfaces Using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst—Become proficient in using advanced ArcGIS Spatial Analyst tools to model surfaces, evaluate results, and create a variety of maps for informed decision making. Instructor-Led Online Classroom Course

Geoprocessing Raster Data Using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst—Learn various modeling techniques used in spatial analysis and work with ModelBuilder to implement a suitability modeling workflow. Instructor-Led Online Classroom Course

Regression Analysis Basics in ArcGIS 9.3—Learn valuable regression analysis techniques and workflows to help explain the factors behind observed spatial patterns. Virtual Campus Web Training Seminar (Free)

Introduction to ArcGIS Engine Functionality—Get a primer on ArcGIS Engine core functionality and how to use it to execute advanced or specialized GIS applications. Instructional Series Podcast (Free)

Server GIS

Authoring and Deploying Fast Web Maps—Discover how to create rich, modern Web maps that are optimized for performance. Virtual Campus Web Training Seminar (Free)

Building Web Maps Using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript—Learn how to design high-performing Web mapping applications to use in mashups as well as Web services for efficient querying. Instructor-Led Course

Authoring and Serving ArcGIS Mobile Projects—Learn a recommended workflow for successfully creating and deploying an out-of-the-box ArcGIS Mobile project. Instructor-Led Course


Map Use: Reading and Analysis, Sixth Edition—This hardcover reference guide depicts high-quality maps and full-color illustrations and discusses topics such as map projections and spatial pattern analysis. Esri Press Book

GIS Applications

GIS Tutorial for Health, Third Edition—This workbook gives public health professionals and students hands-on training in managing and analyzing health-related issues using GIS software. It includes a 180-day trial of ArcGIS Desktop 9.3. Esri Press Book

GIS for Decision Support and Public Policy Making—This book presents case studies and exercises that demonstrate how GIS has improved the communication, collaboration, and decision making of daily operations in the public sector. Esri Press Book

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