Esri Business Partners Shine in Public Safety

Many public safety and law enforcement agencies use Esri GIS software to assist in their daily routines. Using GIS, agencies worldwide have discovered how traditional tasks can be performed more efficiently, quickly, and easily. For these agencies, many Esri Business partners offer custom solutions, specialized data, and unique services.

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Bradshaw Consulting Services, Inc.
BCS company logoBradshaw Consulting Services, Inc. (BCS), is an award-winning provider of total GIS solutions to Business, industry, and government clients. BCS's GeoNotify is a state-of-the-art, geographically based telephone notification system. The GIS-based interface geographically selects areas needing notification from within Esri shapefiles, coverages, or ArcSDE layers. It then utilizes Dialogic Communication Corporation's Communicator to telephone the public.

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ETeam company logo, inc.
ETeam, inc., is a premier provider of Web-based applications for emergency and event management that incorporates dynamic mapping using ArcIMS software.'s flagship product, E Team, is a Web-based emergency and event management software system that enables companies to dramatically improve their ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters and major events. This user-friendly, fully integrated suite of tools enables emergency and event management personnel to immediately share the critical information required for accurate and timely incident summaries, response management, resource management, and damage assessment.

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Plant Equipment, Inc., company logoPlant Equipment, Inc.
ORION MapStar, ORION MapMobile, and ORION MapManager
For more than 30 years, Plant Equipment, Inc. (PEI), has been developing mission critical telecommunications products for public safety. PEI's ORION family of mapping applications adds another dimension to emergency response, designed to provide a seamless solution from call to car. ORION MapStar (based on MapObjects and NetEngine) in the call center automatically plots the location information of the emergency caller; ORION MapMobile (also based on MapObjects and NetEngine) is the in-vehicle seamless mapbook showing emergency response professionals the incident, where they are, and provides drive directions; and ORION MapManager is an ArcView GIS extension for maintaining and creating map data, street centerlines, and Master Street Address Guides.

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PSC company logoPublic Safety Corporation
CryWolf and MaxResponder
Public Safety Corporation (PSC) provides quality, high-tech solutions for first responders in law enforcement, fire, military, search and rescue, SWAT, paramedics, and HazMat to increase public safety as well as responder safety. PSC's CryWolf is a Windows-based software program that assists in all aspects of false alarm tracking and billing. PSC's MaxResponder provides a universal in-vehicle capability to graphically view all relevant information relating to an incident, from a small house fire to large industrial and HazMat incidents, on a single screen. Both of these products are enhanced with mapping using MapObjects.

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The Omega Group company logoThe Omega Group
CrimeView and FireView
The Omega Group provides geographic, demographic, and technology planning services for principal clients such as police departments, school districts, fire departments, and public utilities. Based on ArcView GIS, Omega Group's CrimeView offers an easy-to-use interface for the mapping, analysis, and reporting of crime data, enabling law enforcement personnel to better reduce crime.

Omega Group's FireView is an easy-to-use reporting, mapping, and analysis software package that enables fire and emergency response agencies to better examine, evaluate, and improve coverage.

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SAIC company logoScience Applications International Corporation
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) is one of the nation's premier information systems development and technical support firms serving the U.S. government. CATS, the Consequence Assessment Tool Set, was developed by SAIC under contracts with FEMA and the Department of Defense and is the most extensive set of hazards analysis tools available to understand the nature and impact of releases of hazardous chemicals.

CATS, an ArcView GIS extension, provides a national database of maps, local resources, and sites vulnerable to acts of terrorism. CATS incorporates user-friendly tools tailored to quickly model and respond to WMD events including determination of exclusion zones, roadblock locations, impact on population and infrastructure, and identification and location of response resources.

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