For ArcView 8.1, ArcEditor 8.1, and ArcInfo 8.1

Esri Press Announces New ArcGIS Workbook

Esri Press announces the upcoming publication of Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop, a self-study workbook for people who want to learn the basics of box design for Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop ArcView 8.1, ArcEditor 8.1, or ArcInfo 8.1. These three new software products, which have a common user interface and core functionality, are known collectively as ArcGIS Desktop.

Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop follows the same approach as Esri's best-selling workbook Getting to Know ArcView GIS. Step-by-step exercises, accompanied by screen graphics, instruct students in basic GIS tasks from mapmaking to spatial analysis to database creation and management. The book includes a 120-day trial version of ArcView 8.1 software as well as data to complete the exercises. Because ArcView 8.1 functionality is a subset of ArcEditor 8.1 and ArcInfo 8.1, users of the latter software products will also benefit from the book. The book assumes no prior knowledge of GIS software, but those migrating from earlier versions of ArcView GIS will find it helpful in making the transition.

ArcGIS Desktop is breakthrough technology that offers GIS users extraordinary cartographic and analytical powers in a Windows-compliant product. In Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop, students will work extensively with two of the three applications that make up ArcView 8.1: ArcMap, the map display and analysis application, and ArcCatalog, the data management and browser application. They will also be introduced to ArcToolbox, an application primarily designed for ArcInfo geoprocessing functions.

Exercise materials cover symbology, classification, query, overlay analysis, map projection, data automation, geo-coding, map layout, and product customization. A new spatial data format, the geodatabase, is explored and used in conjunction with familiar data types such as ArcView GIS shapefiles and ArcInfo coverages.

The workbook's carefully structured exercises and nontechnical language also make it an excellent self-learning tool.

Esri Press books are available online at, or by calling 1-800-447-9778.

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