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Geography Network Challenge logoThe Geography Network Challenge is sponsored by Esri and the National Geographic Society. It is a contest to increase the awareness of Internet mapping services that enable publishing and sharing geographic information—locally, nationally, and globally.

Eligible Internet mapping services for the Challenge include live map services for presenting geographic data as well as spatial solutions that offer more advanced tools for applications such as lifestyle mapping, environmental mapping, or economic development.

A map service is a map that is published over the Internet. It may contain a single data layer (e.g., imagery, elevation, land use) or a collection of complementary data layers. Examples of complementary data layers would be basic basemap layers of administrative boundaries, water features, and city points along with thematic layers such as vegetation and flood zones. You can design the map service to show precise map content that you want others to see; publish it as an image, feature, or data download service; and then enter it in the Challenge.

A spatial solution is an online application built using Geography Network content or other Internet mapping tools. The Geography Network provides an excellent platform for providing complete solutions for a variety of applications. Citizens, Businesses, and consumers can use standard Web browsers to find the answers to questions about their locality, country, or the world. For example, kids can explore a K-12 site that provides information on vegetation and wildlife in national parks, or a new Business could find out about vacant properties in a particular area. By publishing/placing your spatial solution through the Geography Network, the GIS user and citizen alike can discover solutions that are available on the Internet. Using ArcIMS, you can develop and use a spatial solution for your area of interest and enter it in the Challenge.

Challenge Categories

Entries in the Geography Network Challenge will be eligible to compete in the following categories:

G-Government—A showcase for offering services to citizens (G is for geography.)
Data Sharing—An example for sharing unique data over the Internet
Education—Use of geography in K-12 and higher education
Citizen Government—A community site that exemplifies citizen involvement at the grassroots level
Application Services—GIS solutions on the Web
Conservation—An NGO site focused on conservation
Science—A site that promotes data sharing in the sciences

Challenge Awards

Awards will be presented to the selected organizations during the Twenty-first Annual Esri International User Conference in San Diego, California, July 9-13, 2001.

The Challenge Prizes

One grand prize of $5,000 in Esri credit
Five prizes of $2,000 in Esri credit
Seven prizes of $1,000 in Esri credit
Ten prizes of $1,000 credit for Esri's Virtual Campus
Twenty-one subscriptions to National Geographic magazine

Credits May Be Used For

2001 Esri User Conference registration
2001 Esri User Conference workshops
2001 European User Conference registration
Esri Virtual Campus courses
Training at any Esri office or international distributor

Guidelines for Challenge Entries

Publish your ArcIMS application on the Internet. Register your organization and ArcIMS application on the Geography Network site by June 1, 2001.

If you are interested in joining the Challenge, we invite you to complete the Challenge Interest Form found at so we may keep you informed of developments and assist you with your entry. We look forward to seeing your entry in the Challenge!

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