July 2001—More than 10,000 Attendees Expected!

San Diego Hosts the 21st Esri International User Conference

Are you ready for Esri's 2001 User Conference—the largest GIS conference in the world? Advance inquiries, Web site hits, and jingling telephones all show that excitement is already building.

San Diego Convention CenterFollowing the established pattern of conference attendance, more than 10,000 GIS professionals from around the world are expected to gather at the San Diego Convention Center in beautiful San Diego, California, for the Twenty-first Annual Esri International User Conference, July 9-13, 2001.

Sharing real-world experience is what the User Conference is all about. Analysts and consultants, trailblazers and newcomers, students and teachers, planners and visionaries apply spatial thinking to everyday endeavors and share a wealth of practical information, offer ideas for creative problem solving, and help each other achieve GIS goals. Many users prepare and display maps, demonstrate user applications, and present papers that offer everything from how they solved specific problems to big picture concepts.

Of special note, for the first time there will be moderated sessions for snow scientists, avalanche forecasters, and ski area practitioners to share their experiences and applications.

The Changing Face of GIS

While the 2001 User Conference will include all the programs and activities that have proven popular over the years—the technical workshops, Exhibit Pavilion, user paper presentations, and much more—expect an emphasis on the amazing changes seen in the last six years in the GIS industry. New software, faster machines, and the Internet have all worked together to bring GIS to people around the world.

Preconference Seminars

Get warmed up for the User Conference! More than 1,800 are expected to attend more than 30 preconference topical seminars the weekend prior to the conference week, Saturday and Sunday, July 7-8, 2001. You may choose from several half-day or full-day workshops on specific areas of interest. The registration for these seminars is separate from User Conference registration and requires additional action. Sign up for one or more seminars by visiting our Web site at www.esri.com/events/uc. The registration deadline is May 12, 2001.

User Paper Presentations, Technical Workshops, Gallery, Pavilion, and Showcase

During the paper presentations, more than 800 papers will be presented by Esri's user community. Paper sessions address more than 30 industry areas and countless applications of GIS in real-world situations. The moderated sessions and individual presentations make up one of the most comprehensive collections of GIS papers in the world.

Technical workshops, led by Esri professionals, provide an excellent opportunity to learn new techniques for using a wide range of Esri software from the people who develop and support them. These workshops take a technical approach to using and extending Esri software tools.

The Map Gallery and evening reception will feature an amazing collection of maps created by Esri users for display during conference week. All attendees are invited to the Esri Map Gallery and reception.

The Exhibit Pavilion—a complete trade show with hundreds of hardware, software, and technology companies—will be expanded and even bigger this year.

Esri staff will be on hand at the Esri Showcase to answer your technical and marketing questions, demonstrate the latest software, and provide assistance with technical support and application development.

In addition, there are many social events, local tours, a special GIS Kids Camp with sessions for elementary and junior high school students, and sports activities.

So register now! For more information, visit our Web site at www.esri.com/events/uc or contact User Conference information (tel.: 909-793-2853, ext. 1-1363; fax: 909-307-3128; e-mail: uc2001@esri.com).

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