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Winter 2008/2009
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New Version of Esri StreetMap Premium Available


  • Street data is optimized for geocoding and routing with ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Desktop.
  • Expanded coverage includes the United States, Canada, and Europe.
  • StreetMap Premium can now be licensed by geography and by function.

A new release of Esri StreetMap Premium is an enhanced street dataset that works with ArcGIS to provide routing, geocoding, and high-quality cartographic display. It includes expanded coverage and more licensing options so users can get street data that is better targeted to their specific needs.

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Users can display the quickest route between stops using the ArcGIS Network Analyst extension.

StreetMap Premium, based on commercial street data from NAVTEQ and Tele Atlas/TomTom for the United States, Canada, and Europe, is optimized, structured, and compressed to ensure higher usability with Esri software products and ease of deployment. The ready-to-use dataset includes streets and road networks, as well as all of the basemap data. In addition to the ArcGIS Desktop StreetMap Find Route toolbar, StreetMap Premium can also be easily consumed by the ArcGIS Network Analyst extension.

The standardized data structure of StreetMap Premium enables users to achieve the highest address geocoding match rates and generate the best routes and driving directions, as well as produce superior basemaps. Cartographic applications that require addressing and locality information and scheduling applications that require the most updated street and address information are a perfect fit for StreetMap Premium.

With this latest release of StreetMap Premium, a new licensing model is introduced that allows users to get data tailored for their desired geography and mapping needs. StreetMap Premium is licensed by region and by type of usage. For example, users can purchase StreetMap Premium by continent (North America or Europe), country, or state/province. Users can now also choose to license StreetMap Premium for either routing, geocoding, or cartographic display (or any combination of the three by geography).

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Users can access StreetMap Premium through ArcGIS Online Standard Services World Street Map collection.
  • Routing—Generate shortest-distance, fastest, point-to-point, or multistop routes. For any route generated, StreetMap Premium takes one-way and turn restriction information into consideration, ensuring route planning is as accurate as possible.
  • Geocoding—With StreetMap Premium, users have the ability to geocode addresses individually or in batch mode. Those addresses can then be added as stops along a route.
  • Cartographic Display—StreetMap Premium is ideal for high-quality basemaps and cartographic output. Street levels, landmarks, county lines, water bodies, and more are presymbolized. Scale-dependent features, labels, and themes automatically turn on or off according to the zoom level selected.

The optimized data structure of StreetMap Premium is achieved through Esri's Smart Data Compression (SDC) format, which reduces the size of the source data significantly. The SDC formatting makes the data directly accessible within ArcGIS software products and improves the speed of draw performance and rendering. StreetMap Premium data can be read directly—no decompression necessary.

StreetMap Premium is delivered on DVD and includes data layers and complete metadata files. The standard subscription includes yearly data updates; semiannual updates are available for an additional cost.

The enhanced street dataset is also available through the ArcGIS Online World Street Map collection. This ArcGIS Online standard services collection is available at no cost for internal use (personal or within an organization) or external, noncommercial use to all ArcGIS users. To publish these services externally for commercial purposes, an annual subscription per user must be purchased.

More Information

For more information on StreetMap Premium, visit www.esri.com/streetmap. For more information on ArcGIS Online World Street Map, visit www.esri.com/agolstandard.

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