Add Demographic Data and Reports with New ArcGIS Desktop Tool


  • Expand ArcGIS Desktop applications with demographics.
  • Generate demographic reports and maps for areas created in ArcGIS Desktop.
  • Leverage the latest demographic, business, and consumer spending data.
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Generate and share demographic reports and maps for an evacuation area.

ArcGIS users can now quickly and easily add U.S. demographic data and reports to their GIS projects with the Esri Business Analyst Online (BAO) Reports Add-in. This downloadable tool connects ArcGIS Desktop with the latest demographic, consumer spending, and business data and reports from BAO. A Web-based solution, BAO combines GIS technology with extensive analytic data to allow users to generate boardroom-ready reports and maps on demand.

GIS professionals can now seamlessly leverage the data and tools in BAO in their ArcGIS applications to generate demographic reports for trade areas and sites they have defined on their desktop. They can obtain and consume the latest demographic and business data to create presentation-quality reports in PDF and Excel formats. Users can attach this data as attributes of map layers for use in their everyday ArcGIS mapping workflows.

Additionally, BAO Reports Add-in users can access the BAO Web application (, where they can search for businesses, thematically map areas, create trade areas, compare sites, and create customized reports.

Demographic and business data and analysis not only benefits those in retail, real estate, and traditional business industries, it is crucial for any organization that involves people, whether customers or constituents, and their lifestyles, behaviors, and characteristics. Almost any ArcGIS Desktop user can benefit from incorporating the BAO Reports Add-in into their analyses.

For example, a fire department needs to estimate how many people will be displaced if they need to evacuate due to a fire. Various groups of people must be kept current on the situation, including city and county officials, the news media, other fire departments, and the public. With the BAO Reports Add-in, the department can connect ArcView with the data it needs to generate reports identifying vulnerable populations. This information can be shared with all parties to coordinate evacuation and fire response efforts and develop an efficient response plan. The add-in also allows reports to be easily updated if the evacuation area changes.

Health care professionals who need to track a disease outbreak can also benefit from the BAO Reports Add-in. They can easily track incidents using ArcView, and by adding demographic data from BAO, they can now determine if the outbreak is related to age, ethnicity, income, or other demographic factors. The GIS analyst simply downloads and appends data to features in ArcView to generate reports and thematic maps to better visualize the situation.

The add-in provides ArcGIS users with a straightforward and cost-efficient way to incorporate the latest demographic and business data into their applications. Esri's annual updates for demographic, consumer spending, and business data are available in BAO before being released in any other Esri solutions, giving ArcGIS Desktop users access to the most current data for their GIS projects.

ArcGIS Desktop users interested in the BAO Reports Add-in can get a free seven-day trial, after which they will need to purchase a subscription to continue accessing the reports and data.

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