Most Widely Used Mapping Software Gets Even Better

New Release of ArcExplorer

ArcExplorer now reads MrSID imagesEsri announces that a new version of its free, lightweight GIS data browsing software, ArcExplorer 2, will soon be available for free download. ArcExplorer 2 is built on the recent release of MapObjects 2, the world's leading professional embeddable mapping component software from Esri.

A major new feature of ArcExplorer 2 is the MapObjects 2 geocoding engine. ArcExplorer also takes advantage of MapObjects 2 support for CAD (DXF and DWG files), additional image formats (MrSID), Esri ARC GRID, and military formats (VPF).

According to Bernie Szukalski, Esri's product manager for ArcExplorer, "Frequently ArcExplorer is referred to as the most popular GIS application in the world. With the new release of ArcExplorer, we're extending the functionality and enhancing the software to make it even more useful."

The freely available ArcExplorer is an easy and cost-effective way to provide simple GIS viewing capabilities. ArcExplorer is used for a variety of display, query, and data retrieval applications. Introduced in the summer of 1997, there are now more than a million copies of ArcExplorer in use around the world. Currently, ArcExplorer is downloaded about 10,000 to 15,000 times per month. Part of the widespread popularity of ArcExplorer is that the software can be freely distributed with data. Publishers have bundled the ArcExplorer viewer software with data on hundreds of thousands of CD-ROMs.

One way to try out ArcExplorer is with the easy-to-use Esri Press book GIS for Everyone by David E. Davis, which includes a CD with a free copy of ArcExplorer software and free geographic data (available from

ArcExplorer 2 works with Windows 95 or higher and Windows NT 4 or higher. Another unique feature of ArcExplorer is that it can also be used to connect to MapObjects Internet Map Server (IMS) sites for viewing data and maps on the Web. Future plans for ArcExplorer include an upcoming Java version.

Currently, ArcExplorer 1.1 is available for free download from Esri's Web site at

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