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Internet Mapping from Texas to Slovakia

Online mapping is a powerful tool, and the number of interactive mapping sites is growing. To keep you up to date, each issue of ArcNews discusses some of the latest Internet locations using Esri's software. If you would like to see your Web site featured in this column, please provide a description of your interactive mapping site and the URL to www.esri.com/imsregistry. Links to these and other Web sites powered by Esri technology are at www. esri.com/imssites.

Clark County GIS
The Clark County GIS provides digital mapping for southwest Washington. In an effort to make public information more accessible, the County's new online service offers interactive community development and transportation improvement maps. Users can choose from 10 views of all property in the County--parcel, survey, subdivision, slope, zoning, archaeological, priority habitat, wetlands, floodplains, storm sewer, or aerial photography. The transportation maps show parcels and road projects in progress. Label and Identify buttons label selections or display map feature details for users. The Detail button provides detailed information about the selected map feature, and on the transportation projects maps it displays a documentation link to the project data sheets, which can be printed out.

Geophysical Exploration Data from @Stickmap.com
This Web site provides oil and gas explorers with seismic data, gravity data, and photogravity data. After registering, which is free of charge, users can view maps generated by Esri's MapCafé. They can select the viewing size of the map, zoom into an area of interest, and turn on selected map themes. Detailed themes give Texas survey or township and range information. Data themes in two and three dimensions are also available. The Identify button displays information and identification numbers for data such as seismic lines. Users can submit identification numbers of interest to @stickmap.com for more information.

Map Your Way to Economic Development
This site is part of the Internet-based Economic Development Strategic Information Center of the Tacoma-Pierce County Economic Development Board and Pierce County. The center markets Tacoma-Pierce County to prospective Businesses worldwide and serves the Business community by providing resources and information for 80 percent of the daily inquiries received regarding economic development. With access to the County's databases, Map Your Way enables users to create interactive maps for many of the topics covered in the site. Map themes available include points of interest, County facilities, polling places, recycling centers, schools, colleges, hospitals, fire stations, Businesses, bike routes, arterials, major highways, sewer lines, rivers, parks, ZIP Codes, and zoning. Court, fire, school, and council districts are also included. Users can then query that data for descriptive information. Enabling clients to prepare maps for their own specific needs is helping to promote the County's economic infrastructure.

Paradigm's Web site provides digital maps of the area around Clonmel, County Tipperary, IrelandMaps-Ireland
Paradigm Technology's Interactive Mapping Web site illustrates the potential use of interactive mapping to Irish companies. The live demonstration is powered by Esri's ArcView Internet Map Server and provides digital maps of the area around Clonmel, County Tipperary, based on data from Ordnance Survey Ireland. There are overlays of conservation areas with locations and descriptions, and users can view the maps at various scales.

Saline County Thematic Mapping and Decision Support Tools
The Center for Agricultural, Resource, and Environmental Systems (CARES) at the University of Missouri, Columbia, designed and maintains this site, which represents the Saline County Study. The study compiled several GIS data sets that are available to the public via Esri's ArcView Internet Map Server. The data is divided into two sections--geophysical and demographic. The geophysical information includes the County's physical resources as well as man-made features such as roads and wells. The demographic section incorporates data from the 1990 census. Additionally, there are customized tools to select livestock production sites within the County.

Slovak Elections 98
ArcGeo Information Systems, an authorized Esri distributor in Slovakia, has produced this Web site, which presents the results of the 1998 Slovak parliamentary elections in seven formats using graphs, charts, and maps. This part of the site is in English, and it uses data supplied by the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic. Maps and pie charts illustrate the number and rate of valid votes for political parties by district. Users can define the analysis area by clicking on a selected region or district neighborhood.

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