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Esri's numerous Business partners create solutions for industry-specific areas, offer extension tools for Esri software, and create specialized interfaces and applications for existing Esri technologies. Many developers have solved user needs by utilizing MapObjects software's powerful collection of embeddable mapping and GIS components. If you would like more information on Esri developers' software, please visit

AGRIS corporate logoAGRIS Corporation

AgLink is a MapObjects-based application designed to handle the spatial recordkeeping needs of modern-day agriculture. These needs include applications such as fertility records, variable rate fertilizer and seed applications, yield mapping, multilayer analysis, profit mapping, and much more. AgLink has different levels of functionality that can be tailored to meet the needs of a particular user.

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Bradshaw Consulting Services corporate logoBradshaw Consulting Services, Inc.

ShotSpotter II
ShotSpotter II is a MapObjects application that acts as the client interface for the ShotSpotter gun location system developed by Trilon Technologies LLC. When the system detects a gunshot, it displays the location on a map, sounds an alarm, and records the dispatcher's response. ShotSpotter II also works with Dialogic Communication Corporation's The Communicator! Program to automatically contact people in the area of the gunshot to solicit witnesses and offer assistance.

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Eden Systems corporate logoEden Systems, Inc.

InForum Parcel Manager
InForum Parcel Manager is a MapObjects-based application that manages parcel addresses, owners, easements, encroachments, survey information, and more in one comprehensive product. It includes a mail merge utility and e-mail interface and supports unlimited Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) attachments including image files, spreadsheets, CAD drawings, and any Windows-supported document. Parcel Manager also supports an enterprisewide solution for agency applications such as permitting, Business licensing, utility management, and financial applications.

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ROK Technologies corporate logoROK Technologies, Inc.

Spatial Data Explorer
Spatial Data Explorer is ROK Technologies' flagship Internet public access application developed using MapObjects Internet Map Server. Spatial Data Explorer allows users to create live, interactive maps and query and display spatially related public information from the GIS of a county or city. Features include robust multifield and partial attribute tax parcel queries, thematic display of map layers, and hyperlinked legend descriptions.

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