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More Reporting Options with SDEMonitor 2

A new version of SDEMonitor, the utility that lets systems administrators monitor the activity of any ArcSDE server on a network, is available at no charge from the ArcScripts section of the Esri Web site. This tool shows server instances, records connection activity, and alerts administrators to connection failures. SDEMonitor can be set to sample usage as often as every second or as infrequently as every five minutes. The application generates a graph of these statistics that is displayed and can be copied to the Windows clipboard and added to reports.

Version 2 offers improved reporting options. It includes many more statistics for both current and historical usage. Statistics for current connections can be expanded to include information on configuration parameters, environmental variables, user connections, connections by process, and connections by activity for database users, client machines, client machine types, or all of these activity groups combined. Settings available for historical usage reporting include statistics by number features read and written; layer, state, and table locks; and number KBs of data buffered. These items can be reported by database user, client system name, client system type, or a combination of all these parameters.

SDEMonitor reads the GIOMGR.LOG files generated by ArcSDE and creates its own log files. Usage information is graphed, so periods of peak usage are easily determined. A notification option can be set to alert a systems administrator via network message, audible alarm, or by e-mail when a server fails to respond after a specified number of attempts. A new feature broadcasts a message to selected connected user machines.

Written in Visual Basic, SDEMonitor uses the C API to access ArcSDE instances so that it does not take up an ArcSDE connection and has very little network overhead. This utility may be downloaded from Esri assumes no responsibility for problems encountered directly or indirectly through the use of this program. SDEMonitor is an unsupported program made available for the convenience of Esri software users.

Note: If using SDEMonitor with ArcSDE 8.x, the following parameter needs to be added so that the SDEMonitor can access performance statistics.

Add the following to the DBINIT.SDE file under $SDEHOME/etc directory.




Set n to the refresh time interval (in seconds) desired for global stats update depending on sample used for the SDEMonitor. For example, if SDEMonitor is set to 30 seconds, refresh should be about 15. If n is too small, the gsrvr tasks will spend too much overhead updating stats and not enough time serving that client which can effect performance drastically.

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